Thoughtful architecture design to enrich clients’ lives

HOUSE STORE by eni is a team of creative people who are professionals in their field and owners of impeccable taste. The works of our studio are not stereotyped, but there is the uniqueness of the author’s approach. Thanks to the high professionalism in the field of design and engineering, as well as love for our work, we have achieved great success and strive for more. 

We create luxurious and respectable interiors, which allows us to create interiors that meet any high requirements of our Customers. We are always happy to help you create a design project of any style and complexity, bringing harmony and aesthetics into your life, taking into account your inner qualities, lifestyle, your character and habits, because this is the primary indicator of luxury.


Client needs

Most important phase in the design process is getting to know the client needs. We prepare detailed questionnaire which aims guidelines necessary to begin with the project, including pleasant topics such as color scheme, materials to be used, desiring style, budget plan that the client has planned for the project. An approach like this helps us to create a project which meets the clients needs and budget. 

3D modeling

Based on the needs of client we create a 3D model which is a starting point four our work in the concept project. 

Preliminary projects concepts

As we analyze the family lifestyle, details as family members personal needs, we carefully consider how the separate rooms join and interconnect, at this stage we begin to create preliminary architecture. We prepare several variants so we can discuss detailed solutions which appear sensible to the client. Our concepts are presented in 3D so we are allowed to walk through of the space, helping client gain orientation, easier understanding the organized space and dependencies between its elements. This is the stage where the model is simplified and monochromatic.


As we choose the final concept of the functional layout, we proceed creating visualizations, which aims to present how the investment look when is completed. We use color scheme, furnitures, lighting and materials as per client needs.

Cost estimation

Once the final concept has been approved by client, we prepare a detailed cost estimate. We prepare all the documents that gives the client detailed information regarding all the furnishings and finishes along with costs. While the whole concept is created from the very beginning within a clearly stated budget, cost estimate is precise version of this budget. 

Final project design

After the final design and cost estimate has been approved, we prepare a detailed executive design including all the essential technical specifications and drawings which are required by the carpenters and other contractors. As we produce all customized furnitures we are glad to cooperate to reach all the compromises and striving to create positive and purposeful environment.

Monitoring the project

As our standard practice, we monitor and supervise implementation of the project. We remain in contact with the investor, implementing team and all other contractors.

Production, contractors and delivery

With our gained experience in production and with many years of collaborating with countless contractors, we are able to help our clients by recommending the best, reaching and providing the highest quality services. We coordinate all the deliveries for our clients from our production facilities, other contractors and abroad.